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  • Control airflow from a ceiling diffuser, register or grill.
  • Wireless control using the wireless remote or wireless thermostat


  • Improves comfort by eliminating overcooling and overheating
  • Saves energy by automatically directing over-conditioned airflow to other areas
  • Saves energy by reducing airlfow to spaces not being used
  • Damper slips into diffuser collar between the flex duct drop and ceiling diffuser, or in flex duct run
  • A Remote controls up to 32 different AZRD-A80WL Dampers. A Wireless Thermostat controls one or more AZRD-A80WL Dampers controlling airflow to a space where the thermostat is located
  • Multiple dampers can be powered by a single 24VAC transformer installed in the ceiling space
  • Mechanical Closed position limit can be used to insure minimum airflow


A80WL Motor



WRC Remote Control

WRC Remote Control Wand

T200WL Thermostat

T200WL Thermostat

TS01 Temperature Sensor (installs with T200WL Thermostat)

T200WL Thermostat

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